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Perhaps the bigger question is not ‘why do women feel the need to remove all their body hair’, but ‘why do men insist on their women looking as childlike as possible’


I don’t think y’all know how golden this show is


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"Do you know what I need? To escape into the mountains, surrounded by tall trees, I will lay on the moss, and breath in the scent of mushrooms, flowers and wet soil."
written by (via lapcha-182)


Sometimes I realize that people actually know who I am, like have opinions of me and think of me and use my name in conversations and I just kind of sit there petrified for several minutes

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams photographed by Michael White.

Over the last 50 years, theater producer Michael White has befriended the very top of the A-list. Now, at age 78, his life story is being told to those unable to get beyond the velvet rope in the new documentary, “The Last Impresario.” To promote the film, which hits theaters in the U.K on Sept. 26, White has opened up his personal photo album, filled with candid snapshots of the who’s who of Hollywood, fashion and the recording industry. It’s simply a must see. [x]


boulder opal, Australia

"Nothing can wear you out like caring about people."
written by That Was Then, This Is Now (S.E. Hinton)
"Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."
written by Sylvia Plath (via myrisingvoice)


Valeriia Karaman for Oh Comely magazine, flower tattoos by Verity Cumming